Overview of MetaTrader

If you are opening Metatrader for the first time, a lot of windows will be open on screen, close these. There are a number of basic options that we can adopt when using the graphs, we shall now have a look at them.

Load GBPUSD click the box with the green cross and you can chose a currency pair, select GBPUSD.

Click screen Right click in the trading window and a box will open with many options that can be investigated. Click the grid box to remove it from the window.

Expand graph To spread out/concentrate the points on the graph, hold down left click on the dates at the bottom of the screen and slide left, right.

Connection check At the bottom right of the screen, there are figures which inform you about the amount of information that MetaTrader is downloading onto your computer. This is important because at times there is no connection and you can be watching a screen that is not actually doing anything! If there is no connection, it says ´no connection´where the numbers currently are.

Cursor/line options

Cursor/Line Options 

The first option from the left is the cursor option, then crosshair. Then there is the choice a vertical, horizontal or trendline. In the process of drawing lines, one can choose their colours.

Time Period Options

Time Period Options 

One can choose how much time each point spans, the options are 1, 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month.

Line Display Options

Line Display Options 

The graph can be displayed in the form of a bar chart, candlesticks or as a line chart.

Graph Display Options

Graph Display Options 

The first under this category is Auto Scroll, which automatically brings the screen to the present time. This button needs to be unpressed when studying historical graphs. The second button is chart shift which adds a space to the right of the graph to allow for extrapolation from the present time period.

Your mouse wheel can also be useful; if you click it, the crosshairs automatically appear, if you roll it, the graph will scroll through left and right. You can also move the graph by left clicking the screen and moving the cursor.

When using crosshairs, if you hold down left click on a part of the graph and move to another part, you can count how many units of time have passed.