Setup for Trading – MetaTrader

Installing MetaTrader

There are two aspects to setting up for trading: first you are looking for a good platform for reading graphs and second you are looking for a good company to trade through. These two elements may not be found in one place. In this section we shall download MetaTrader, a useful platform for monitoring the graphs.

1. Go to

2. Download MetaTrader4 Client Terminal

3.  A window should invite you to choose whether to run or save the mt4setup.exe. Choose then click next.

4. Run mt4setup.exe and a window will open asking you to choose your language. Choose a language then click next.

5. You will see a welcome page, click next.

6. The license agreement will appear, accept terms then click next.

7. Choose installation folder, click next.

8. Select program group, click next.

9. Ready to install MetaTrader, click next.

10. Option to start MetaTrader, click finish.

Metatrader is now installed on your computer, but to use the software, you have to open a demo account. Provide all the necessary information, like your name, country etc but you don´t need to touch account type, currency, leverage and deposit. You need to click ´I agree to subscribe to your newsletters´ but don´t do this until the end. I´ve found that you sometimes need to unclick and then click this again for it to work. Click next.

A window will open inviting you to select the trading server, click next. At the registration window click finish.

Download Metatrader:

Alpari Metatrader – Setup and customise Metatrader when downloaded from Install Metatrader 4 (MT4), Metatrader 5 (MT5), Metatrader Multiterminal and configure metatrader platform for use on windows phone. Look out for future releases available for Android and Apple products. Customise scripts for advanced charting analysis.