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Forex Important stuff

Please forgive the title´s lack of educated idioma :-) . In this page, we shall look at some other important qualities of a trader that are implied from what has been said. Trading is hard work and demanding on not only the mind and the emotions, but also on the body.

Sitting down for hours on end is bad for the the body. Trading can trigger, particularly in men, obsessive behaviour, especially when losing money. The sense of need to recoup the money lost can lead a person to try obsessively hard. Men have a habit of closing themselves off from everybody and focussing on the subject until the problem is solved. I hope that what has been said in previous articles will help people come to a realistic concluson whether they can actually solve the problem. If you come to the understanding that you do not have the ability to consistently earn pips in trading, it is better to take the knock on the chin, swallow your pride and walk away rather than lose more money. Obviously, if you are losing money trading, it is logical that to try to recoup the money trading will lead to the losing of more money. In forex, the money is so close, yet so far away. Consequently, to protect your personal sanity and body, it would be better to stop trading and find a different area of interest.

Those who decide to continue trading need to protect themselves from obsessive behaviour. Of course it is important to work hard and there will be sleepless nights, but in all this, we need to keep an eye that the body does not degrade under the workload. Consequently, you need to sleep and eat properly, not sit in front of the screen filling up on chocolate and crisps. You also need to exercise well. Exercise stimulates the mind, keeping it in shape for trading.

You also need to spend time with your family. It is commonly suggested that a person can learn trading while having another job. This method is demanding and it can be difficult to juggle all of one´s responsibilities. You don´t want to spend all your ´spare´time learning trading only to lose your money and your family. It is better to do things more tentatively.