Graphic Displays

The data can be displayed in three ways when you Chart Forex Signal using graphic Forex display charts:

chart_forex_signal_Line_Chart Line Chart

chart_forex_signal_Bar_chart Bar Chart

chart_forex_signal_Candles Candlesticks

The bar chart and the candlesticks communicate a similar amount of information. We shall focus on the use of candlesticks on this site, but the other forms are not to be avoided. The danger can be that you have too much information in front of you and so the line chart may be useful at times, for example, when wanting to compare the currency price with an indicator like an oscillator. Below is an explanation of the usefulness of the candlesticks:


The candlesticks provide a number of useful pieces of information:

1. The opening and closing value in a unit of time. The open/close figures can obviously be at the top or bottom of the stick, depending on whether prices are rising or falling.

2. The high and low value in a unit of time.

3. Whether the price is increasing or decreasing. This is demonstrated by the colours chosen for each direction.

Forex charts are an important part of forex trading and so is understanding Chart Forex Signal indicators.