Welcome to Forex Profiting Tips. This site consists of an exploration of forex currency trading terminology and developing a profitable forex trading strategy. Many people write books and make websites on currency trading and the logical question I always ask is, if they are making so much money on trading, why would they want to waste their time writing about it? There are generally three types of people who undertake such endeavors:

1. Trading companies. The reality is that most people lose money with their currency trading model and as a result trading companies want to teach you the basics so that you can dive in and lose all your money like the thousands before you! The act of trading is not called ‘making bets’ without good reason.

2. Failed traders. There are people who come to the realization that trading is actually emotionally traumatic, financially very risky and hard work. As a consequence they feel that they may be able to earn better money by writing e-books or webpages about it rather than actually doing it.

3. Actual Traders. The reason that they would want to train others is based upon their currency trading model. Some paradigms involve a lot of sitting around waiting for the right financial conditions to come into place to do just one trade. You can end up waiting for hours or even days. Consequently, some traders feel that they can put their expertise to use, kill time and earn money by building a forex trading education system of sorts.

There are two reasons for why I am writing this site:

1. I want to research trading methods that I have not yet explored.

2. I am bored waiting for trades!

I have been thinking about writing a blog about my trades, but for the moment the focus shall be on improving our knowledge of forex currency trading.

This is a good place to note that currency trading is a financially risky venture and you can lose ALL your money (and even more). Read this article for more information about the dangers of forex trading and risk management. The decision to go into trading should not be taken lightly and it is not wise to trade without first understanding trading concepts; profitable currency trading is hard work! You should not adopt any particular method until you are happy that it works.

Forex trading is an extremely volatile environment and without the right tools at your disposal, you can get in over your head very quickly. Companies like FXCM, provide the right tools for any aspiring forex trader.